Hey Studio is a ceramic space for people of all levels and practices including potters, hand-builders, slip casters, functional, nonfunctional, sculptors and more. Hey Studio is located in Portland, Oregon in the Cully neighborhood and run by Dina No and Alexandria Cummings.

Studio details:

Hey Studio is located on NE 42nd avenue in Portland, Oregon. It's situated in a 1200 square foot building equipped with two large bay doors, high ceilings with exposed wooden beams, kitchenette, utility sink, bathroom, speakers for music and parking space(s). The studio offers both communal and dedicated spaces - offered at different rates and lease agreements.

Communal Space:

  • Electric wheels

  • North Star slab roller

  • Small variety of cottles for mold making 

  • Large canvas-covered table

  • Dedicated shelving space, as well as personal glaze and clay storage

  • Dedicated glaze station with whisks, sieve, etc.

  • Skutt Kilns - firing up to cone 6 - kilns are fired and managed by the studio for an additional nominal fee

  • 24/7 hour access

Dedicated Space:

  • Approx. 9'x9' spaces

  • Personal work bench, shelving and under bench storage

  • 24/7 hour access

  • *Access to communal space amenities except additional storage

The studio does require a deposit and lease agreement for all available spaces. All utilities are included with rent (gas, electricity, water, internet, garbage/recycling). 

Communal Rates: $190/mo + $75 (refundable) deposit with a 6 month lease

Dedicated Rates: $315/mo + $150 (refundable) deposit with a 6 month lease (for one person only) 

Looking for: people interested in ceramics on all levels and any genre - potters, hand-builders, slip casters, functional or nonfunctional, sculptors, etc. We try to find the best fit for the studio and current tenants - someone who is clean, respectful, honest, spatially conscious and OK listening to both hip hop and classical music all in the same day.

Please fill out this form to be added to the waitlist. When a space becomes available, we will email you to schedule a studio visit. Thanks!

*All photography provided by Cheryl Juetten of Portland, OR - unless otherwise noted.